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Liza infuses her content and facilitation with research-based evidence, contemporary practices,
mindfulness, humor, light heartedness, and examples rooted in her own life experience.

Each workshop is experiential, engaging, and applicable to one's professional and personal challenges.
Participants walk away with a fresh perspective, a variety of helpful tools and proven strategies to utilize each day,
and an experience that will inspire them to be there best self.



Leadership Workshops are customized to your audience and particular company needs and desired outcomes. Workshops are experiential, engaging, and full of tools and practices to uplevel leaders to show up as their best self and be an inspiring leader, model and mentor. Focus is on providing curriculum that is applicable to your business and everyday challenges and experiences.

Email if you are interested in learning more about brining mindful leadership programs to your organization.

Sample Workshops

Mindfulness for Effective Leadership

Fortune 500 and innovative companies such as HBO, Nike, Forbes, Apple, Google, and Aetna are embracing corporate mindfulness programs with much success. Mindfulness offers simple practices for employees to manage stress, stay healthy, improve concentration and decision making, increase compassion and connection with others, and find work/life balance. This workshop will introduce the research-based benefits of mindfulness, offer mindfulness practices, and discuss the concept of balance for optimal living; ultimately improving effectiveness as a leader.

In this workshop we will:

  • Increase understanding of mindfulness and the research-based evidence of the practice.
  • Discuss how mindfulness can improve personal health and wellness, ultimately improving effectiveness as a leader.
  • Learn how mindfulness can enhance qualities of effective leaders.
  • Practice and learn mindfulness techniques that can be incorporated into every day - at work and home.
  • Make a commitment and plan to use mindfulness as a tool going forward.

Inspirational Leadership

How can you infuse more meaning into your team’s work and inspire them to deliver their best every day? Today’s employees are increasingly looking for more authentic connection and meaning in their work. This workshop will discuss ways to create a more mission driven and collaborative culture, cultivating conditions for more authentic expression, deep engagement, and help others find meaning in the collective mission toward your goals.

In this workshop we will:

  • Look at the differences between managing and leading.
  • Discuss the myths of leadership.
  • Learn the 8 Keys of Inspirational Leadership and how to incorporate them to inspire your employees to do their best every day.
  • Understand how mindfulness can enhance qualities needed to be an inspiring leader.
  • Make plan to incorporate 2 things learned into your leadership behavior.

The Power of Storytelling in Business

Transform your approach to communication with storytelling. Great leaders have recognized the power of storytelling to connect and inspire others for decades, not only in their formal speeches but also in everyday conversations. Businesses are now using storytelling in presentations and meetings as a way to present research or motivate employees because it has profound personal impact, however it is still one of the most under-utilized tools in leadership. Sharing your life experience or story connects you to others in ways that can truly inspire, help, empower, and even heal. This workshop will teach you a powerful communication tool for organizing your strategic ideas into a compelling story. We will discuss key principles of storytelling, how to build a library of powerful personal stories, and help you practice these to use as motivational tools.

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn why storytelling is proven to be such an effective tool for business leaders.
  • Increase understanding of different types of stories, and what makes a story powerful.
  • Review storytelling techniques that are instrumental in creating stories that inspire, motivate, educate, persuade, build brands, and change lives.
  • Learn elements of crafting an engaging story and start identifying your own stories that you can use to become a more effective leader.

Retreats and Conferences

In addition, programs can be customized to suit your employees needs for a company retreat, conference or just for a special occasion. Click here to learn more about booking for a speaking engagement.

Current and past clients include Beneficial Bank, Conde Nast, Ethicon / Johnson & Johnson, Attunement Wellness, W Networking, Instinet, Red Bulls, Trajectify LLC, Litzky Public Relations