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Well read Women {Vitual} Book Club


Join Liza Bertini and Rae Broderick for a monthly gathering of women for a virtual book club! Books will be mostly focused on living WELL, happy, and whole. Any books that are spiritual, inspirational, or focused on wellness and health will be considered. Get inspired in the community of women. And best of all, join the meeting from your own living room! We hope that you will consider joining our virtual community!

This is how it works:

  • Read a different book selection each month

  • Join each other for a monthly virtual zoom gathering to discuss books and life.

  • Share a private Facebook Group to communicate and share.

  • Enjoy a community of like-minded women!

  • Have fun and be WELL Read!



My Library

Browse my favorite books!
My library is full of inspirational, motivational, spiritual,
personal and professional development books that have helped me along the way.

By Rachel Hollis
By Sarah Knight
By Pema Chodron
By Sharon Salzberg
By Amelia Freer
By Brené Brown
By Erin Loechner
By Elizabeth Gilbert
By Dani Shapiro
By Sharon Salzberg
By Cheryl Richardson
By Mallika Chopra
By Kathryn Costa
By Jack Kornfield
By Marc David
By Brené Brown
By Dorie Clark
By Richard Faulds, Senior Teaching Staff of Kripalu Center
By Colleen Saidman Yee
By Cheryl Strayed
By Michael E. Gerber
By Cheryl Richardson
By Daniel H. Pink
By Carmine Gallo
By Elizabeth Gilbert
By Carmine Gallo
By Michael Roach, Christie McNally
By Karissa Thacker
By Jen Sincero
By Danielle LaPorte
By Michael Stone
By Danielle LaPorte
By Dani Shapiro
By Jen Sincero
By Jillian Pransky, Jessica Wolf
By Shonda Rhimes
By Tara Brach
By Wayne Scott Andersen
By Karen Reivich, Andrew Shatte Ph.D.