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Self-Care: Dance it Out! (#28SelfCareHacks)

Some times when you are stressed out or need a mood or energy boost the easiest, quickest, and most fun way to give you a pick me up is to DANCE IT OUT! Put on some upbeat music and have a dance party (even if its a dance party for one…you)!!! Everyone can dance and it doesn’t have to look or be any certain way. Not only is dancing great exercise and has but it also feels good for the soul!

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Self-Care: Find Your Tribe (#28Selfcarehacks)

Moments that I feel most energized, inspired, and alive are when I am having conversations and spending time with like-minded people. I love spending time with people who are interested in the same things as me, those who are seekers, aren’t judgmental, and who are on a spiritual path. For me, these relationships help to make me see my place in the world in a deeper way, bring me joy, and make me enthusiastic for things to come. These relationships and moments spent with “my tribe” are a major source of self-care for me.

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