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Self-Care: Have An Unscheduled, Delightful Day (#28SelfCareHacks)

Every now and then it is so great to just take a day off of business as usual. Take one full unscheduled day and do whatever your body, mind, and spirit are calling for. Do not do chores or take care of everyday responsibilities. Treat this day as a staycation.

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Self-Care: Discover A New Hobby (#28Selfcarehacks)

Drawing, painting, knitting—any hobby that’s creative and engaging can be a powerful stress buster. An article featured in Prevention Magazine (April 2018) featured a study commissioned by the Home Sewing Association in which a New York psychiatrist measured signs of stress in 30 women before and after they performed different activities: sewing, reading a newspaper, playing cards, or playing a video game. Sewing was the clear winner, lowing heart rates by 7 to 11 beats per minute, while the other activities RAISED heart rates by about 4 to 8 beats per minute, reported study author Robert H. Reiner.

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28 Days of Self-Care (#28Selfcarehacks)

My plan, each day this month, is to introduce you to new self-care options and practices that will inspire you to make self-care an important daily ritual. I am calling these 28 Self-Care Hacks. Many are quick, simple, and free! Try some of them out and let me know how they make you feel! Pick the ones that work for you and consider making them part of your daily or weekly routine.

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