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Top 10 Reasons You Should Retreat!

In 2001, I went on my first yoga retreat. It was only a weekend in Connecticut, not a week in an exotic destination, but it changed me forever. It showed me that I could really relax, learn new things, deepen my yoga practice, but most of all experience a unique experience with like-people who were also there to find respite from the usual busyness and possibly some clarity on life.

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Self-Care: Go Into the Green (#28SelfCareHacks)

Immediately when I moved to the Berkshire Mountains in Western Mass. last Spring I felt a change in my being. At first I couldn’t tell what it was. I wondered if it was just the stress subsiding from a challenging move, feeling more secure as I got my feet on the ground in a new job, or just the excitement of meeting new people and being in a new place. After a few months in this inquiry, I realized what it was. My physical, mental, and spiritual Self was being renewed, rejuvenated, and healed by the beautiful nature right out side my window!

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