Self-Care: Good Enough is Good Enough (#28SelfCareHacks)

Letting go of perfectionism is a huge self-care hack.

While it's fine to have aspirations and to set standards, the pursuit of perfection can sometimes be our downfall, says Professor Tracey Wade of the School of Psychology at Flinders University in South Australia. Wade describes "unhealthy perfectionism" as "high standards combined with brutal self-criticism".

Perfectionism can lead to anxiety, self-judgement, feelings of failure and worst of all it sometimes stops us from beginning a new goal or taking a risk.

I have adopted the mantra “Good enough is good enough”. I usually put 120% into everything I do but that is unsustainable and often sets me up for failure because on those days that I can only put in 90% I feel like a total failure. But 90% is pretty damn good, right? Now I try to remember that good enough is good enough.

When I send my son to school with two different socks on, I remember that his feet were warm and that is what matters. When I forget to post a blog post on the day I was supposed to (this post which was supposed to be posted yesterday!) I remember that the world will not end because my timing is off. When my day doesn’t go as planned, I remember that tomorrow is another day and I begin again. Good enough is good enough.

Can you lighten up on yourself a little bit today?