Self-Care: Eliminate Energy Drains (#28SelfCareHacks)

Are there things in your life that drain your energy and make you want to stay in bed in the morning? Lack of sleep isn't the only thing sapping your energy. Little things you do and don’t do can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through your day a chore.

I find that it’s those things that I don’t do, that are hanging over my head, that keep me up at night and exhaust me mentally during the day. These are things (or people) that I am avoiding, dreading, am procrastinating about, don’t want to face for one reason or another. When you spend time thinking and worrying about a project, goal, task, or conversation is unfinished or undone (and continues to be) it can drain your energy. By taking these things off your list without completing them (and without guilt) or just getting them done once and for all, you will feel so much better, energized, rejuvenated, and accomplished.

One example many can relate to is when you have a project hanging over your head, like getting your taxes done. Every year I dread spending time pulling all the info together to get this task completed. I think about it for weeks. This year, I’m getting it done early to save myself they misery. Another example is when you carry a New Year’s resolution or goal over from year-to-year. It’s time to re-evaluate that goal. It clearly isn’t something that is inspiring, aligned with your true desires, or something worth it. If it was, you would have already achieved it by now! And a third example is when you need to have a difficult conversation but are avoiding it. Much of our time leading up to a conversation like this is spent making up story in our heads about how it will go and what the other person will say or do. Most of the time it doesn’t even go the way we stressed about and the result of just being in dialog really helps everything in the long run for both you and them.

Self-Care Hack #4

Eliminate Energy Drains. Identify those things in your life — unfinished projects, tasks, goals, conversations, etc, or relationships that don’t serve you, and eliminate them. Either take them off your list of things to do or worry about (remember without guilt!) or get them done and stop wasting your valuable time, thoughts, and energy on them. As Ernest Holmes said “where your mind goes, energy flows”. What are you putting your precious energy and focus toward? Worry, stress and anxiety over something that isn’t important to you, isn’t worth it. Get rid of your energy drains and I promise, hopping out of bed on a Monday morning will be easier!