Self-Care: Eat Slowly (#28SelfCareHacks)

We are plagued by the “disease of speed”, and then try to remedy this by quick fixes that ultimately make us feel worse - like exercising too much, taking medications, crazy diets, etc. The real remedy for this is Slowing Down!!

We need to work less to achieve more, stop fighting food and start embracing it, stop punishing our bodies and start providing for them. Slow down and enjoy. Slowing down directly affects our decision making, sleep, nervous system, metabolism (digestive system), endocrine system (hormones), and overall health (immune system). Slow down and finding our own natural rhythm helps us to become more centered, balanced, present.

Self-Care Hack #8

In Marc David’s book The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, & Weight Loss he explains that when moving through life so fast, we inevitably eat too fast which affects the efficiency of our metabolism and creates digestive problems. That stress has a direct effect on metabolism. He says “simply put, the same part of our brain that turns on stress turns off digestion. And conversely, the part of the brain that turns on the relaxation response turns on full, healthy digestive power.” So by slowing down and relaxing the mind and body, you will have better digestion and a more efficient metabolism.