Self-Care: Discover A New Hobby (#28Selfcarehacks)

Drawing, painting, knitting—any hobby that’s creative and engaging can be a powerful stress buster. An article featured in Prevention Magazine (April 2018) featured a study commissioned by the Home Sewing Association in which a New York psychiatrist measured signs of stress in 30 women before and after they performed different activities: sewing, reading a newspaper, playing cards, or playing a video game. Sewing was the clear winner, lowing heart rates by 7 to 11 beats per minute, while the other activities RAISED heart rates by about 4 to 8 beats per minute, reported study author Robert H. Reiner.

Last summer I took a 4 day workshop on Creating Mandalas with Kathryn Costa (@truenorth.arts) and it was an amazing experience. Tapping into my creativity became a meditative, joyful, and liberating experience. It reminded me how much I love to create and opened up a whole new avenue for me to quiet my mind. I also loved connecting with others while we all were surprised by the beautiful mandalas we all drew each day. Watching each other’s process was incredible. I loved Kathryn’s program so much that I asked her to co-lead my next retreat together - this Spring, April 11 - 14th, in the Berkshires (learn more at!

Self-Care Hack #6

Discover a new hobby. Try a new creative pursuit, whether on your own or sign-up for a class. Do it for fun or to de-stress, not for a specific outcome. It doesn’t matter if you think you can paint or sew or draw. Just dedicate some time to learn something new, something that feeds your soul.