My Personal 90 Day Life Changing Story

There are 90 days until the end of 2018. What do you want to achieve? A lot can change in 90 days! You need a vision, you must take action each and every day - even small steps, stay open to possibility, remain positive, be resourceful, ask for help, and have faith.  

I know this from experience.

Earlier this year I closed my yoga business after 14 years due to unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. It was devastating to me emotionally and financially. Everything that I had worked for, for over a decade was gone. Not only was it my place of employment, but it was an amazing community, my community. I was a single mother, unemployed, not eligible for unemployment, and I lost my home due to the amount of debt that I incurred from the business closing (which I am still trying to pay off). I had to borrow money from family and friends to buy groceries. I had to apply for financial assistance for childcare just so I could go on job interviews. My children and I had to go on Medicaid (thank god this service is available for people who are in the position I was in at the time). It was the most terrifying few months of my life. And on top of it all, I was receiving angry emails from people who loved my yoga studio and were pissed that I made the decision to close, which at the time was really the best option I had.

I was at the lowest point in my life. No one really knew how dire my situation was and I felt like such a failure on so many levels.

BUT I had a vision of coming out the other end, to be able to support my children, of finding the perfect job for me, and to find a community to live in that is nurturing for me and my kids. I let everyone know that I was looking for work. I asked for help. I took every consulting position possible. I took action every day and put the pieces back together. I drew on all of the lessons I learned from yoga and mindfulness to stay sane, to sleep, and to pull me out of the overwhelming cycle of “what if’s…?”

Within 90 days I got hired for a job that I love, picked up 2 great consulting gigs (yes I went from 0 jobs to 3!!), and moved my family to the Berkshires. Within 90 Days it all changed. Yes, there are still things I am still paying off and wrapping up from the mess of closing a business so abruptly. Yes, I am still unraveling from the stress of it all. Yes, I wonder if my credit will ever get out of the toilet. But I have come through the other side. I have the opportunity to contribute to an organization that I love in a job that is perfect for me. I am living in an amazing place that my kids and I enjoy. I learned a lot. I learned how resilient I am. I realized that all of it was to help move me toward something greater. And I am so grateful for all the help and support I received along the way.

Why do I tell you this personal story? Because I want you to know that you can do it too.

You can, in 90 days, change your life.

You can achieve anything you want. It might take a lot of effort and focus and even prayers, but you can do it. We only get this one life. You are writing your own story. What is your next chapter going to include? 

There are only 90 Days left in 2018. What are you going to do?

If you need guidance or support, I have a perfect coaching program called 90 Days to Change Your Life. Designed to give you all of my advice, tips, practices, and support to help you reach your goals. I will be your biggest cheerleader and trusted confidant. Your go-to-girl.
I would love to be a part of your journey and help you achieve your dreams.

Just know, I am routing for you!