28 Days of Self-Care (#28Selfcarehacks)

Over the past 5 years, self-care has been an increasingly important part of my life. After having twins as a single mother by choice, I realized how not taking care of myself affected my ability to function well and happy in the world - as a mother, friend, sister, yogi, coach, and professional. Plus, with having two babies in my forties, I realized I want to be around for a long time to see them grow and thrive.

Self-Care has become a daily ritual, something that I need to do on a daily basis to stay sane, healthy and grounded. In a Yoga Journal article, Chrissy Carter, a fellow yoga teacher and friend, stated “many of us think as self-care as triage — something we turn to when we’re falling apart. But self-care is really about out daily choices. It’s about healthy boundaries, dedicated practice, and everyday rituals.” In my own life I have learned that this is so true. Waiting until you are desperately in need of taking care of yourself isn’t as effective. That’s more about treating a problem than preventing one.

Another common thing is that many people don’t even know how vast self-care is and how personal it can become. There are a million different activities that can be considered self-care and everyone will be drawn to different things based on their needs and preferences. Self-care is not just massages and manicures, even though those are nice. It is about taking care of YOU in the ways that feel best for YOU.

My plan, each day this month, is to introduce you to new self-care options and practices that will inspire you to make self-care an important daily ritual. I am calling these 28 Self-Care Hacks. Many are quick, simple, and free! Try some of them out and let me know how they make you feel! Pick the ones that work for you and consider making them part of your daily or weekly routine.

Also, each week I will be offering a special treat! Keep your eyes peeled!

Self-Care Hack #1

During these cold snowy days, get outside and be child-like again! Have a snowball fight, build a snowman, make a snow angel, or go sledding. It will get your energy up, blood flowing, and will increase your fun meter! Maybe have a hot tea or hot chocolate when you come back in from the cold!!