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Higher Self. Higher Purpose. Higher Profit.

Are you a Yoga Instructor who would love to make teaching a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable career?

Do you feel like teaching yoga has become a never ending cycle of struggling and juggling to find work and to make enough money to pay your bills?

Are you exhausted from working so hard for little pay?

Instead of being excited about sharing your love of yoga, do you find yourself getting stressed out if your classes aren’t full?

Higher U is here to help.

Through online classes, coaching and community, Higher U is designed to help you master your life + business.

Specifically focused on helping yoga teachers make their dream of teaching yoga a fulfilling, abundant and sustainable career.

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In the upcoming weeks, Higher U will be launching it’s signature online course for yoga teachers.

This community of seekers will be limited to those who are ready to do the work and take a deep dive into figuring out how they want to show up in the world as a teacher of yoga.

The program will include innovative content and OMwork, coaching, peer-to-peer accountability, and wisdom sharing/ brainstorming in our sangha incubator calls.

Our program is designed to help you gain career enlightenment AND profitability so you can continue to do what you love and make an impact in the world by sharing yoga with as many people as possible.

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