90 Days to Change Your Life:
Group coaching program (Starts may 2019)

Do you have some amazing goals that would change everything for you, if you could ever get around to accomplishing them?

It’s a perfect time of year to assess what you really want and make a plan to achieve it.  


90 Days to Change Your Life is my new signature coaching program that has been developed based on what I have learned from over a decade of working with clients who sought big changes for themselves, my own experiences and education, lessons learned from countless teachers and mentors, and from the profound teachings and practices of yoga and mindfulness.

In this program you will:

·      Learn tools to discover what you really want.

·      Create a clear vision of how you want to live and feel.

·      Receive guidance in setting meaningful goals and how to get into action to achieve them.

·      Learn practices to make lasting lifestyle changes to help support your vision.

·      Get tons of support and accountability during your process.

·      Gain wisdom from others in the program.

·      Receive weekly emails with inspirational and motivational information to keep you on track. 

Program Format

This 3-month program is completely virtual (so you can join from anywhere!) and will be a combination of one-on-one calls/video chats, online group workshops, Live Q&A calls, assignments and a closed Facebook Group for ongoing support and inspiration. 

We will work together to assess which areas in your life need the most attention for you to feel fulfilled, healthy, and happy and then you will craft a 90-day vision for you that is purposeful, exciting and action oriented. Then you will make steps (small and large) towards creating the life you desire. Take it from me, with consistent action you can make significant changes in 90 days.

Components of the program will include:

  • Kick-off Group Call

  • Six 1-hour Group Calls with helpful coaching topics and tools and Q&A  

  • Two 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Liza which will be inquiry-based discussions to help reveal breakthroughs and insights, overcome obstacles, and guide you in aligning your goals to your true desires.

  • Creating a Vision Board and other at home assignments

Tuition $297 – That’s 3 months of coaching for only $99 per month!  

ENROLL NOW and begin to make your dreams come true!