be the "boss" and creator of your ideal life.

- Do you find yourself saying "One day I will..."                - Do you have goals that you haven't been able to achieve?  
- Are you constantly wondering "Is this all there is?"       - Are you overwhelmed and feel like you are on the treadmill of life?
- Do you wake up dreading another day of work?             - Do you always put yourself last but desire to take care of yourself better?
- Do you need guidance to figure out your next steps in life or finding your life's purpose?
If you answered YES to any of the above, coaching would be extremely helpful to you.

Coaching is about change. 
It helps you to learn about yourself, explore what you want in life, and develop an action plan to achieve it.
Coaching is a powerful practice to support you in manifesting your vision for your optimal well-being, career, and life.
Small steps lead to great transformation! 

It doesn't matter where you live, we can work together via video or phone sessions!

Coaching Session Topics include:

Find Your Purpose

  • Uncover your soul’s purpose and do what you love
  • Identify your unique gifts & follow your calling
  • Design a meaningful career to support your calling
  • Get over fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Set goals to manifest your ideal life 

Manifestation & Vision

  • Identify what really matters to you
  • Get clarity about what you really, really want 
  • Write a Personal Manifesto to live by
  • Develop an Ideal Life Vision
  • Make lifestyle choices to support your Vision & Manifesto 

WEllness & Weight loss

  • Learn healthy habits for optimal health
  • Get access to a proven program for weight loss
  • Receive support and guidance from a like-minded community
  • Feel great, increase your energy, get off medication, and boost your overall health
  • Incorporate essential oils into your life for health and home


  • Broaden your perception of what defines "self-care".

  • Take an assessment of how you're living and how you can start feeling better.

  • Create a personalized self-care plan that is unique to your needs.

Spirituality & Mindfulness

  • Live more mindfully and with presence
  • Develop a personal spiritual practice
  • Create meaningful rituals for living
  • Infuse the practice and philosophy of yoga and meditation into daily life
  • Learn ways to live slowly, simply, and soulfully

Cultivate Your
Inner Leader

  • Learn tools and skills to become an inspirational and Mindful Leader
  • Incorporate how to be an engaging speaker and storyteller
  • Become an effective mentor and role model for others
  • Build your personal brand based on your passion and unique gifts
  • Be a change maker and thought leader

Joy & Balance

  • Find more joy and balance in life 
  • Live with more creativity
  • Express yourself through writing, teaching, and sharing what you love
  • Live life fully and authentically