90 Days to Change Your Life:
Accountability / Breakthrough Coaching

Need motivation to get shit done and accomplish your goals?
Do you have goals that you have wanted to do for years but never seem to be able to accomplish them?

If you may already have an idea about what you would like to accomplish in life and your career or still need some clarity, and need guidance with developing a plan of action, crafting meaningful goals and staying accountable in the process, this coaching program is perfect for you! 

We will work together to assess which areas in your life need the most attention for you to feel fulfilled, healthy, and happy and then we will craft a 90-day vision for you that is purposeful, exciting and action oriented. Our first 2 phone or zoom sessions will be an hour each to focus on where you are and what you want. The following sessions will be 30-minutes each week and will be laser focused on:

  • what you have accomplished in the prior 2-week period

  • challenges your facing and how to resolve or manage

  • reassessing action plan to ensure goals are aligned with what you really want in life

  • reviewing what's most important to focus on in the next two weeks to help move you closer to your desired outcome

  • crafting process goals to be successful

Inquiry-based discussion will help to reveal breakthroughs and insights that will guide you in aligning your goals to your true desires. Having an accountability coach will motivate you to keep moving forward towards designing the life of your dreams!

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ENROLL NOW and begin to make your dreams come true!


Perfecting the PivoT: Making your next career change purposeful, passionate, and positive

Every working professional at some point will experience a career change due to a promotion, role change, layoff, or voluntary choice. Whatever the reason, there is an opportunity to infuse your transition with positivity, purpose and passion. Learn how to successfully prepare for and navigate change, ultimately achieving your desired outcome, making your career pivot perfect for you.

In this program you will:

·      Learn which skills are the most important to build so you can handle your career pivot with grace and success.

·      Discuss how preparation is an ongoing process for current and future career transitions.

·      Identify your values, interests, and skills to help discover new possibilities that are best aligned with your true nature.

·      Develop self-awareness and confidence in pursuing your passions and/or making a dream a reality.

·      Identify ways to overcome potential obstacles in the way of success, explore feelings of apprehension and fear, and cultivate empowerment and courage.

·      Set conscious intentions and realistic goals, and make a plan to move into action powerfully and effectively.

·      Learn how to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into your life to gain clarity, self-knowledge, and relieve stress and anxiety while navigating life changes.

This program will be offered online starting in January 2019.

If you are interested in learning more, email: