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1:1 Visioning Session (90 Minutes)

Need guidance creating goals and a vision for your ideal life?

Get clarity about what really matters to you, your true desires and goals, and get inspired to take action. 

What you'll get:

  • Prep work to complete before our session together 
  • 90-minutes of 1:1 coaching to help you create your ideal life vision.
  • Information about manifestation and inspired action.
  • Guidance on how to create your own vision board.
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1:1 Coaching Experience

Don’t wait another day to create your ideal life and become the person you most want to be.

This private VIP experience is for anyone ready to look at the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and create new, more empowering stories.

What you'll get:

  • 5 one-hour 1:1 sessions with Liza. These are done virtually over zoom.
  • You'll experience sustainable results from a breakthrough system that will help you get clear on what you want to achieve, give you tools to be successful, and the support you need along the way.
  • Guided meditations and self-discovery exercises that will support the integration of the work we do.  
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