We all just want to be “Happy”.
But you can only achieve real happiness when you are healthy and feel good.

Don’t feel that way? You will!

Together we can transform your well-being
and lifestyle to feel and live your very best.

The 4 Elements of Wellness

I believe there are 4 Elements that lead to overall wellness:
healthy MIND, healthy BODY, healthy SOUL
and healthy FINANCES (or let’s say Abundance).

All 4 of these elements impact each other so we will give attention to all of them.


Healthy Mind

When your stressed-out, anxious, and living with constant negativity and overwhelm, everything in your life is affected - your mind, body, soul, relationships, work, perspective, and ultimately your health.
Go from chaos to calm.

A healthy mind thrives on mindfulness, presence, pause, simplicity, and positivity.


Healthy Body

Incorporating daily healthy habits is imperative to maintain a healthy body. These lifestyle choices include good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight, movement, getting quality sleep, and having a safe and healthy environment
(home and work).

Learn to listen to your wisest teacher, your body.

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Healthy Soul

We all crave authenticity and want our life to align with how we are feeling inside. Finding purpose and meaning in your work, relationships, and community is essential to feel inspired, connected, and aligned with our true Self.

Reflect and connect with your inner core desires to learn and live in the ways that you want to feel - more often than not.


Healthy Finances

When you have financial freedom and abundance, you can be more generous, say yes to adventures you want to experience, make more community contributions, save for the future, and stop worrying about money.

Shift your money mindset, create abundance, and expand your capacity for more joy and fulfillment.

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You can’t be healthy (or HAPPY) if:

  • you are always stressed out (MIND)

  • you eat poorly and don’t take care of yourself Physically (body)

  • you feel disconnected, unsupported and are doing work you don’t like (soul)


  • you are always stressed out about money, FEel financially insecure or don’t have enough financial abundance to do do what you want in life

Wellth of Happiness coaching is based on
an approach to well-being that is life-changing.


“I was feeling very stuck in my life and my career.
Liza made me feel comfortable and validated my concerns
while providing me with the tools I needed to learn more about myself and to make life changes.

She helped me feel a sense of hope and excitement for the future.

Thanks to Liza, I have since made major changes in my life and am happier than ever!”

- Amanda G, coaching client

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Let’s work together.

I’d love to help and support you on your health and happiness journey!

I work with clients virtually, meaning you can be anywhere and we can connect. Our work can be done via video conference (zoom - it’s free), phone, and complimented by email. I will include assignments for to get into inspired action.