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I am passionate about sharing tips, inspiration, and wisdom for living Well, wholeheartedly & happy. Through coaching, writing, speaking, teaching, training, and building community, I encourage others to be their best selves and design their ideal life. I hope you find some inspiration here!

xo Liza

NExt Program Starts May 2, 2019

90 Days to Change
Your Life


Spring Into Possibility
APRIL 23 - 26, 2020

Retreat in the Berkshires



WELL Read Women
Book Club


A monthly virtual book club for women co-hosted by Liza Bertini and Rae Broderick. Join from the comfort of your own living room!

Daily 5-Minute Meditation Practice

Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices you can do each day for your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy this 5 minute meditation practice with me. 

Self-Care for You! 

One Woman Today is Jeanie Coomber's Podcast where all working women come together to gain insight, tell stories, and share wisdom. Listen below to an episode called "Taking Care of You" in which Jeanie and Liza have a conversation about integrating self-care into your life! Enjoy!

OWT Ep7 Liza Bertini Showbill.jpg

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I was feeling very stuck in my life and my career
when I first started seeing Liza for coaching.
She made me feel comfortable and validated my concerns
while providing me with the tools I needed
to learn more about myself and to make life changes.
She helped me feel a sense of hope and
excitement for the future.

Thanks to Liza, I have since made major changes
in my life and am happier than ever!
— Amanda G., Coaching Client